Resourceful Materials for Creative Floors

            Hey guys! On this week’s #BuddyWarrenWednesday I talked about ways to find another life for excess materials you may have laying around – it’s all about being resourceful! Things that may be taking up unnecessary space in your home or storage can be used to create something useful, beautiful and decorative! Specifically this week I focused on how to repurpose materials when it comes to floors – let’s get innovative, shall we?

            Old paint from previous uses can be more than just old paint – use it to paint your floor! How you ask? Using tape, outline the design you want on your floor and vary up the colors you use to create a decorative pattern.

Below is one example in which I painted different grey squares to create a checkered look:

I painted a similar look but with different shades of yellows and oranges in this example:

To really make the design pop, I had the darker grey painted squares surround the colored ones – using your own creativity you can come up with any layout you desire!

Paint isn’t the only way to redecorate a floor – I’ve also had my fair share of tiling. With old tiles left over from another job, I created a design with them too and re-tiled my floors using my own mind and hands!

Here are a few different ways I’ve done it: 

Once again, you can switch up the colors to your satisfaction. Have two different types of tiles (different shapes/colors) and block them next to each other (see first photo) for an interesting design. The first photo is from when I tiled my bathroom, the others were for the entrance way into my art gallery – left over (or new) tiles can be used anywhere!

I’m not the only one to have done this! Below are some examples of other people’s creative work from walls to floors – resourceful materials can be used in any shape or form in any area of your home. 

The colored tiles above are super fun for a kitchen! This person chose to paint the floors in their kitchen with a very eye-catching triangular design:

Did you know you can even stencil your floor? All you need is a stencil of your choice (feel free to make it yourself), some primer and some paint!

Hope these ideas are enough to get the creative juices flowing. Try these out and “floor” your guests with how resourceful of a home designer you can be!

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