Aroma Therapy

Imagine yourself stepping foot inside your home after a tiring and tedious day. How do you feel? What do you smell? Is it the aroma of Jasmine wafting through the air? Or perhaps, lavender and lemon mixing together forming a pleasing scent – if it’s not, it could be. Aroma Therapy is a perfect addition to any home if you want to make it a more comforting atmosphere. Different aromas can have an effect on your mental health – Lavender relaxes you and shoos away stress, Patchouli relieves you of pressuring anxiety, and Thyme can improve your memory and enable higher levels of concentration.

It may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to transforming your home, but the aroma of your space can intensify or subdue the ambiance of a room, all of course depending on the scent you select. Specific scents can have a powerful effect on your well-being - by adding this soft touch to a room, you can also add an aid to your home that will detox and de-stress your mind as soon as you enter it.

Aroma isn’t just about making a room smell pleasurable - it’s also about being therapeutic, hence the term Aroma Therapy. It’s all about merging the beautiful and the satisfying with a holistic approach. Whether it be lighting a stick of Incense after a long work day and letting the smell strip your nose of the outside world, or placing different essential oils in each room of your home, a scent to appeal to the mood you are trying to incorporate into each atmosphere - you create your space.

You have the power and the mind to decide what comes and goes in your home. Why not eliminate the toxic smells of the environment you have just left and come home to Sandalwood, Lavender or Thyme.

So what are the best ways to achieve this? There are several.

Incense is a great and affordable way to make your home smell nice. The different scents are endless and the smell will last for hours. It is great for helping eliminate or mask stenches that are unwanted in your home.

An Atomizer is my go-to for aroma. You can add any essential oils to it you desire, and it will diffuse them for you on its own. Turn it on when you feel like relaxing to some delectable scents.

Above is an illustration of the one I own, but you can purchase an atomizer from most major retailers, like or I also purchase the essential oils I like (lavender, pine, lemon, and more) on the internet from various online retailers. Type "essential oils" into Google and see what comes up near you! Once you receive them, be sure to store them in a consistent temperature with little light to ensure the best shelf life.

Smells like TRANSFORMATION! Let me know your favorite scents, how you've put Aroma Therapy to use in your home and how it has helped your holistic approach to design and health.

'Til next time,

Buddy WarrenComment