Who is Buddy Warren?

For those of you new to our website, you may be wondering who exactly Buddy Warren is, what he does, and why he is so invested in expanding your mind and innovation. Buddy urges you to find your inner creativity because discovering his own improved his way of life and thinking immensely.

Established in his career as a family therapist, Buddy Warren began decoratively painting his own apartment and fortuitously found his own "Inner Decorator- what he calls realizing your potential to create something beautiful. This creativity provoked lasting change and with it his life moved in a new direction. Over time, he has fused the notions of home and self healing with his creative talent and design experience, into a new unified concept.

What began as a painting debut on his walls, then murals onto many walls, his burgeoning creativity became a busy interior design and contracting business with clients throughout New York City metropolitan area. Enjoying a union between his artistry and the clients’ individual tastes, Buddy Warren has become the ‘Pad Shrink’. From decluttering to color and energy, he guides you through recuperative methods and assists in manifesting your ideas into functional and beautiful elements by using a holistic approach. The end result will expose your creativity to reflect and impart love into your environment.

From years in tandem careers, Buddy Warren has concluded that home is as much about self-esteem and self-image as it is the place where you reside. Amongst other things, your surroundings are physical manifestations of the decisions you’ve made.

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