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THE PAFA SHOW: Opening Reception

Saturday, April 16 will be the Opening Reception for THE PAFA SHOW, our latest show kicking off the Spring Season here at Morris-Warren Gallery.

Attending our receptions is a great way to meet the artists - in this case, many PAFA alumni - and appreciate the artwork in a fun social setting.
We'll have live music(!) and SURPRISE entertainment as well. Don't miss it!

For full show information, please visit

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to May 15


THE PAFA SHOW: Work by Alumni Based in NYC
April 9
 – May 15, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 16 7-9pm
Morris-Warren Gallery
171 Chrystie Street
New York, NY 10002

Curated by Katherine Bradford

Sarah Peters, Carson Fox, EJ Hauser, Claire Haik, Edgar Jerins, Jordan Griska, Doron Langberg, Stephanie Beck, Aaron Fowler, Jennifer Coates, Michael Shultis, Anna Shukeylo, Paul Metrinko, Zorowar Sidhu, Paul Loughney

Morris-Warren Gallery is pleased to present “THE PAFA SHOW”, featuring paintings, drawings, sculpture and mixed media work by fifteen Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art alumni based in NYC.

Artist/Curator Katherine Bradford, who recently had her own solo show at nearby CANADA Gallery, and for many years taught at PAFA, has chosen an exciting and varied selection of works.

The artists and curator share the same roots, however the fruits from this family tree are so diverse - Stainless Steel, Bronze, Charcoal, Cast Resin, Oil, Acrylic, Shower Curtains, Spray Paint, Crushed Rocks and Linseed Oil, Photo Collage, Linen, Fiberglass, Wood, Inkjet Pigment Transfer, Staples and Astroturf. These artists utilize and transform their world creating a dialogue rich with humor, political and social undertones and a celebration of the human experience.

This exhibition is the first of our Spring Season and will take place in both upstairs and downstairs galleries. 

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February 27 – April 1, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 27 7-9pm
Morris-Warren Gallery
171 Chrystie Street
New York, NY10002

Derrick Adams                            Clint Jukkala
Jim Butler                                    Osamu Kobayashi
Nicolas Carone                          Héctor Madera
Amanda Church                        Rafael Miranda Mattei
Laurie Fendrich                           Ramon David Morales
Rafael Ferrer                               Keiko Narahashi
Eric Hayden French Circuns       Mamiko Otsubo
Loie Hollowell                             Aaron Ribeiro  
Richard Hull                                 Lee Tribe

Abstraction, when derived from or merged with representative aspects, purveys an alternative visual language and revises our perceptual experience.  The human face and head, infinitely fascinating, have been portrayed in myriad contexts and styles throughout the history of art; equally fascinating is what goes on beneath that physiognomy.  HeadSpace, inspired in part by Church’s recent show of portraits at Zawahra’s Espacio 20/20 gallery in San Juan, poses questions about the perception of external appearances in conjunction with what occurs internally in the realm of the “head,” encompassing facial expressions, psychology and thought processes.  Conveyed through nonconventional, often oblique, approaches to portraiture, the works in HeadSpace pose questions about perception as influenced by what we know and what we believe, as discussed in John Berger’s seminal 1972 Ways of Seeing.
Depictions of the head vary throughout HeadSpace but all the artists take a discursive route. These routes include Pop, psychedelia, text, collage, neo-tantrism, and Cubism, among others not yet defined by history.
HeadSpace is organized by Amanda Church, Kim Uchiyama and Izam Zawahra.
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to Feb 21

Visible Histories: American Abstract Artists

January 22 - February 21, 2016

Starting January 22, we'll be celebrating the 80th Anniversary of American Abstract Artists by showcasing the works of a number of abstract artists.

Together with Abrons Art Center, also showing work in celebration of AAA's 80th Anniversary, we're hosting a gallery crawl on January 30. For more info visit, and be sure to sign up on our mailing list.

Curated by Max Weintraub
Abrons Arts Center at Henry Street Settlement
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 30, 5-7pm
466 Grand Street New York, NY

Morris-Warren Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 30, 7-9pm
171 Chrystie Street New York, NY

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to Dec 20

Into The Woods

Into The Woods (November 14 - December 20)

Morris-Warren Gallery is pleased to present “Into The Woods”, a group show featuring Aimee Burg, Nicholas Cueva, Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, Eric Oglander, Jytte Hoy, Jon Legere, Gregory MacAvoy, Esperanza Mayobre, Abraham McNally, Jason Middlebrook, Jim Osman, Kardash Onnig, Cordy Ryman, Darragh Rooney, Jill Satterfield, Frank Shattuck, Steve Silver, Peter Thorne, and Lindsey Wolkowicz. The artists in this show are all using wood in one form or another as the medium for their work. 

Come out to the opening of this brilliant show to see an array of beautiful and thought provoking handmade objects! On view until Dec. 20.

A selection of interviews with some of the artists represented in Into The Woods, on view at Morris-Warren Gallery until January 10, 2016.

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to Nov 5

To The Edge

To The Edge (September 9 - November 5)

Featuring Jaqueline Cedar and Nate Ethier

CLOSING RECEPTION November 5 at 7pm.

Come to the edge.
We might fall.

It’s too high!


And they came,

And we pushed,

And they flew.

                  -Christopher Logue

We stand upon a precipice, fraught with uncertainties. The world seems troubled. Each day brings new tragedies, often too many to process. Time seems as though it is speeding up, and all that has happened is happening with greater frequency and intensity. The economy is unsteady and at times erratic. Extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, war and terror are now commonplace occurrences. There is a general sense of foreboding, and yet life continues and at that moment in which collapse seems inevitable and the weight of gravity is pulling us down toward oblivion, some of us take flight.

These two young artists are soaring!

Both artists are exploring and pushing the limits of paintings long history. There work is honest, hauntingly beautiful and challenging. At the end, we must submit and ‘COME TO THE EDGE’ with them and trust that these two artists together will provide us with the push we need, and even though we might fall… we may still fly!

‘To The Edge!’

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