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  • Morris-Warren Gallery 171 Chrystie Street New York, NY 10002 USA (map)

February 27 – April 1, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 27 7-9pm
Morris-Warren Gallery
171 Chrystie Street
New York, NY10002

Derrick Adams                            Clint Jukkala
Jim Butler                                    Osamu Kobayashi
Nicolas Carone                          Héctor Madera
Amanda Church                        Rafael Miranda Mattei
Laurie Fendrich                           Ramon David Morales
Rafael Ferrer                               Keiko Narahashi
Eric Hayden French Circuns       Mamiko Otsubo
Loie Hollowell                             Aaron Ribeiro  
Richard Hull                                 Lee Tribe

Abstraction, when derived from or merged with representative aspects, purveys an alternative visual language and revises our perceptual experience.  The human face and head, infinitely fascinating, have been portrayed in myriad contexts and styles throughout the history of art; equally fascinating is what goes on beneath that physiognomy.  HeadSpace, inspired in part by Church’s recent show of portraits at Zawahra’s Espacio 20/20 gallery in San Juan, poses questions about the perception of external appearances in conjunction with what occurs internally in the realm of the “head,” encompassing facial expressions, psychology and thought processes.  Conveyed through nonconventional, often oblique, approaches to portraiture, the works in HeadSpace pose questions about perception as influenced by what we know and what we believe, as discussed in John Berger’s seminal 1972 Ways of Seeing.
Depictions of the head vary throughout HeadSpace but all the artists take a discursive route. These routes include Pop, psychedelia, text, collage, neo-tantrism, and Cubism, among others not yet defined by history.
HeadSpace is organized by Amanda Church, Kim Uchiyama and Izam Zawahra.
Later Event: April 9